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Photobooks from Saal Digital

Hi guys.

Today I want to show you three photo books that I had made at Saal Digital. The first one, that you see in the video, is one I had made in exchange for an honest review. The second two I purchased after receiving the first one, because I was so impressed with it that I couldn't wait to have more made and use them as Christmas presents for my two friends and partners in creative endeavors: Nadja (model) and Tenna (assistant).

Back to the books: I chose an A4 sized landscape design for my first book. The cover is a basic hard cover with a glossy finish which I think is just the standard option, but you can choose from many different covers and whether or not you want it to be glossy or matte, padded or not. The cover is well made and the colours are nice and vibrant with the glossy finish. For the two second books, I chose a padded matte cover, because I wanted it to be really luxurious - and it was. I'd so happy with how the books look and feel with the padded covers.

Now, what I was most excited to see, was how well the photos were printed and how the colours looked on the paper. In the past, when I've had posters and books made at different companies, I've always been a little disappointed in how the photos looked; the colours weren't the same as on the screen and the photos were always really dark. I'm very pleased to report that photos printed in these books come extremely close to how I see my photos on the computer. I am so relieved! It's such a joy to see your work printed in real life.

Besides the photos looking amazing on the paper in the books, I'm also so thrilled about how you don't have to worry about details being lost in the center part of the books. You can print across it however you like. The book lies flat which is awesome.

I also just want to mention how easy it was to put together these books with the software from Saal Digital's site. I loved how you could just pull the photos directly from you computer without having to some lengthy uploading process. The photos would upload after you completed check out.

So overall, I can't say enough good things about these books and the process. I definitely recommend Saal Digital and I'll be coming back for more (I already did, haha).

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