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In the Cover of Bloom

Model: Nadja S. Jensen Assistant: Tenna V. Olesen Photgorapher/Designer: Sabrina Nielsen

Earlier this year, I felt a longing to do something a little outside of my usual style. I whipped up a couple of dresses and of course, the amazing Nadja was up for a little trip to the Botanical Garden. We were joined by Tenna on a lovely sunny morning.

Despite the fact that this location isn't very far from where I live, this was actually the first time I shot there. It's always so inspiring to shoot in a new location and this time, it was no different. I loved how the flowers were in bloom and there was so much light. The first two shots are shot inside the greenhouse and I was so happy with how they turned out. These gorgeous purple flowers made my day, haha, it's the small things in life, yes :)

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