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Journey to a Lost Time

Reveries trapped in a glimmer of light

Look into the long-lost world of ethereal creatures. Like the other collections, this one celebrates feminine otherworldly beauties while also adding a heightened level of costume design.

Started in 2022.


The Wake of Midsummer

Realms of light unleashed

A celebration of light and free spirits shot in 2019-2020. Faires, elves, demons gather to in the celebration of light.

Light Myths

Caught between reality and imagination

Started in 2016, this collection covers stand alone characters that have one foot in our real dimension and one foot in the fantastical world of Sabrina's mind. 

These are glimpses of characters rooted in myths on their brief visits to our world.

In the Enchanted realm

Let magic into your life

An enchanting collection, started in 2016, featuring stand alone magical creatures. Here you will find witches, fairies, unicorns, nymphs and a many more, both light and dark characters from the ethereal world of Sabrina's mind.

The Last Queen of Faeries

Created during February 2015 - March 2016

The story of how the Queen of Faeries awakens to find her kingdom abandoned and then searches her world for companionship. She journeys in vain and in the end, she returns home and succumbs to the cold winter.

Concept/costumes & photography by Sabrina Nielsen.Modelled by Mia Lykke Søeborg, Ariellah Engel Salimanov and Deliane Jacobine Lefevre. 

In Reverie

Pieces from late 2014 to late 2015

An exploration of creatures, myths and magic, originated from a desire to create tangible dreams, this collection grew into a display of Sabrina's journey into finding herself as an artist. 
She started this collection after a year long hiatus from photography; Wanting to make a break with her previous work in what was closer to fashion photography, Sabrina started working hard at bringing the creatures in her mind to life...

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