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"My mind is filled with stories and characters. They live in the last sunlight of the day, in patches of wild flowers in secret gardens, on a solitary cliff in the ocean, under a fallen tree in the deep forest. They are bound by spells to our world, clothed in starlight and the morning dew. They come to life under the moon and their songs resonate through my dreams."

About the artist

Sabrina is a Danish Fine Art photographer with a specialty in all things fantasy and magical. She works primarily on location using natural light, wanting to capture her characters in their "natural" element. Driven by the need to create tangible pieces of her dreams, she designs and creates the majority of the costumes captured in her work.

Her journey through the creative worlds of poetry, music composition and digital art has created the foundation out of which her passion for photography and costume design was born; A passion that was planted in her around 2010. In 2014, after a few years of stumbling up the learning curves in either field, she began finding herself within her art and working towards the artist she is today.

Since 2016, "The Soul Chronicles", a photo series about the light and dark ethereal creatures of the Otherworld, has been Sabrina's main focus. Although, not working on it exclusively, it has been her longest and biggest project with only having scratched the surface of what is planned for this series.


In January 2022, Sabrina completed a bachelor degree from the University College of Copenhagen in Textile design, handicraft and communication. 

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