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The Soul Chronicles

What does it mean to have a soul?

Welcome to the Soul Chronicles; an original story by Sabrina Nielsen. A parallel world to our human world: The Otherworld; Here magical creatures reside. Ethereal creatures can cross over to our world, but only under certain circumstances. Creatures of Darkness try to claw their way through; Always they hunger for souls as they don't have any themselves. 

Sabrina started shooting this series in 2016, however, the first inklings of the story started many years before. All costumes have been entirely designed and handcrafted by Sabrina. The series is still on going and we have only just scratched the surface. Currently you can follow the development of the story in the three galleries below:

The Creatures of Light

There can be no light without darkness..

The Creatures of Light are being hunted down in the Otherworld and having their souls stolen. Stars fall, the Sun sets and darkness grows stronger every day. They're made of starlight and old magic which makes their souls so valuable to the creatures of darkness.

The Garden of the Elves

Things are not what they seem in this place..

As the Darkness spreads through the Otherworld, the elves have a choice to make. Some turn to the light; Some turn to the dark, 
The dark elves give life to the flowers and the fruit, that lure souls away from humans. The Elven Queen is Water to her garden and her voice echoes through the scent of the roses. 
Once a creature has lost their soul, they will eventually come to crave the souls of the innocent creatures..

The Mermaids

The only world they've ever known, sleeps beneath the waves..

Once upon a time mermaids inhabited the Sea. They lived in peace with world below the surface. Until one day, a terrible beast, a creature of darkness sent from an evil sorcerer in the world above, came to overtake their world. It spread through the waters like an eternal night; feeding on the light of the mermaids.


The magic of the mermaids waned and they lost their tails. They washed ashore and were forced to walk on land and make a new life for themselves. Some blended into the human world, while others were driven mad by their longing for the Sea.

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