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Flower Nymph

Model: Ariellah Engel Salimanov

Assistants: Nadja Stephanie Jensen & Tenna Vinther Olesen Photographer/Costume: Sabrina Nielsen

I simply had to shoot this dress one more time! This time with the amazing Ariellah.

Joined by our wonderful assistants, Tenna and Nadja, the four of us jumped on a train to the forest. I was really looking forward to shooting in the ferns. However, as we were entering the forest we noticed an increasing amount of mosquitoes swarming us. Of course, I hadn't really thought that they would be a problem, because I've - we've - been to the forest at that time of year last year and it was bearable then. That, unfortunately, wasn't the case this time.

There were so many, it was disgusting. I didn't really want to suggest leaving right away when we'd only just arrived. So we dressed Ariellah in the costume and starting shooting.

The mosquitoes were only worse in the area with the ferns, so we agreed to work very quickly to get a few shots and then we'd get the hell out of there. I had Nadja working the smoke and during the second smoke bomb, she filled the air behind Ariellah just perfectly and in the same moment the sun broke through the clouds and Ariellah did this killer pose. Everything came together just then, it was so magical. It's the photo above.

We went back to the city and to my favourite little garden to shoot some more. There were still some Spring flowers left, so that worked out perfectly. It was so nice to get out of that horrible forest.

Near the end of our shoot, I turned to look at Nadja, only to find that there was a butterfly sitting on her head. It was so surreal. This little creature then proceeded to crash our shoot, switching between the hands of the three girls. I felt so lucky I managed to capture it sitting on Ariellah. <3

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