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In the Garden of the Elves (The Soul Chronicles)

Model: Maria Amanda Assistants: Tenna V. Olesen & Nadja. S. Jensen Photography/Designer: Sabrina Nielsen

""The First Light at Sea" Was Her Name"

In the otherworldly realm, the elves give life to the flowers and the fruit, that lure souls away from humans. The Elven Queen is Water to her garden and her voice echoes through the scent of the roses. Though, darkness spreads through this world and the Queen of Elves is not immune to the lure of evil..

""The First Light at Sea" Was Her Name"

"The Transformation"

Join me on a journey further into "The Soul Chronicles" as we visit the elves in this world; Specifically the Queen of the Elves, who watches over one of their vast gardens in which they grow the most beautiful flowers and that tastiest fruit. As darkness and evil spreads throughout this otherworld, this queen is swayed to the other side. I wanted to show that transformation in this shoot.

The enchanting and amazing, Maria Amanda, did me the honour of portraying this character and she did so perfectly. This was the first time the two of us worked together and I'm still so blown away by how talented and expressive she was (and still is, obviously). For "the Transformation" photo, she turned the dress into a liquid. She jumped and twirled and threw herself to the ground again and again, putting so much effort into every movement. It was extraordinary to behold.

To see how our shoot progressed, I've put together a BTS video here:

For the costumes, I wanted something extraordinary and unlike what I've previously made for this series. I love flowers and I simply couldn't restrain myself any longer, I had to incorporate them into "The Soul Chronicles" now. I was trying to stay away from flowers for a while, because they were such a prominent part of my previous series "The Last Queen of Faeries", I didn't want it to be too similar right away. But now it felt right. And there's more to come from this - The Garden of the Elves.

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