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"The air is thick with magic, as the queen of fairies fades away into the night"

Model: Nadja Stephanie Jensen Assistant: Tenna Vinther Olesen Photographer/Costume/MUA: Sabrina Nielsen

This following my previous post, about how we were desperate for Spring. After that previous shoot, Spring kind of went away for a while here in Denmark. The weather turned and it became quite dreary again. So neither of us really got to sate our thirst for Spring.

Ever since, Nadja and I had gone to a faraway forest to do the Magpie Queen shoot in October, I had been longing to go back to this forest, because of how stunningly beautiful it had looked in Autumn. So we decided to revisit the forest in April. I really wanted to reuse this beaded lace dress that I'd made for our Winter Princess shoot a few months before. This time with a petticoat underneath and a tulle cape over it. I loved how Nadja looked in this.

It takes between two and three hours with public transportation to get to this forest. So it's a bit of a journey, but we got there and we had fun, haha. The forest didn't really live up to the memory of how it was in Autumn, but of course, a hard season to beat ;)

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