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The Nostalgia of Autumn

Model/Crown: Nadja Stephanie Jensen

Assistant: Tenna Vinther Olesen Photographer/Chestpiece/Styling: Sabrina Nielsen

The first shoot of 2017! Yay!

Nadja and I waited for weeks for a weekend without rain. Finally one came along and while it didn't rain, it was really misty. But we'd agreed that we'd go and shoot regardless - it added a nice atmosphere.

For the costume, I'd put together an outfit to match a crown that Nadja had made last year. I used my red velvet dress from Black Milk and a lace top from Asos. I made a black underskirt to go with it and then a gold feather chest piece/collar.

We met up at my place as always and while I crimped Nadja's hair and did her makeup, Tenna did Nadja's nails. One of the occupational hazards of working in our bookshop, is nails breaking when you least want them to, and because a few of Nadja's beautiful long nails had broken a few days leading up to the shoot, we decided to fix her up with a set of false nails.

On location it was grey, misty and awful light, but you have to work with what you have and Nadja in red and gold stood out beautifully against all the dull colours of the surroundings.

This was one of those shoots, when there isn't really a plot decided in advance, which is how I usually work. But when I was going through the photos afterwards, it seemed there was general expression of longing for something gone by.

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