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The Princess of Morning Frost

Model: Nadja S. Jensen Headpiece: Creations by Liv Free Cape: Plussoyance Créations Photography/Dress: Sabrina Nielsen

It was the day of my first ever shoot at dawn. The sound of my trolley on the pavement was deafening as I walked down the dark street at 5:20 am. I was so excited for days and to be honest, I couldn't sleep the night before. Once I finally did fall asleep, I was restless and uncomfortable; The type of sleep you have when you know you have to get up really early.

The shoot was rescheduled a few times, because we were waiting for the perfect morning: Clear sky at night and below zero temperatures to increase the chance of morning frost AND a clear morning sky, so we'd have a beautiful sunrise. Finally, the forecast looked spot on. My model, Nadja, and I arranged to meet and prepare for the shoot at our workplace, because it is conveniently located close to Nadja and our location for the shoot - And we had to go there after the shoot anyway.

I reached the metro station and they were having some technical difficulties, so I had to spend a frustrating 30 minutes waiting to even leave the station. Then finally I was on my way, a bit late, but still within time to make ir for the sunrise. We prepped in the backroom of our workplace and then set off to our location. The video below pretty much sums up the atmosphere of our shoot. Despite it being early and neither of us having slept enough, we were actually full of energy. There is just something so stunningly beautiful about the world at that hour. It was like stepping into a small secret place bathed in amazing light, covered by frost, the air so cold, without wind. It was awesome :D I'd love to do more shoots at dawn - but preferably not on days when I have to go to work afterwards XD

Look at that fabulous modelling! Nadja knows I love all of that dreamy and anguished posing/expression, so that's what she gives me :D I applaud her for posing so freely in such cold weather. And to say things like "Don't you want some where I lean backwards" into a thorny bush. Haha. Of course ;) There were actually so many thorny bushes on that location. Ouch.

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