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The Crow Queen

Model: Nadja Stephanie Jensen

Designer: Plussoyance Créations

Photography/MUA: Sabrina Nielsen

I was so honoured when Marie asked me to shoot one of her full costumes: Her Crow Queen costume. Just a few days before that, Nadja had mentioned how she loved this headpiece by Marie, so of course, I knew who I had to get to model the whole outfit.

To be honest, we were so eager to shoot this that we shot it the day after the outfit arrived by post, which was a Saturday so that worked out well.

After getting ready, my mom drove us to the location, because it's so far away, but Nadja and I have been wanting to a shoot in this location for so long, so we finally had to get it out of our systems.

Nadja agreed to the insane idea of her having bare feet for the shoot, haha. I just thought it would suit the theme so well and make the character seem more in tune with nature - like she's a crow who's turned into a human. Crows don't wear shoes ;)

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