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Dark Enchantress

Model: Leonora Frydensberg Sepstrup

Headpiece/Collar: Plussoyance Créations

Assistants: Tenna Vinther Olesen & Nadja Stephanie Jensen

Photographer/Dresses: Sabrina Nielsen

I'm back with another collaboration with the talented Plussoyance Créations. It's in the makings all summer and now it's finally shot. It was really nice to just indulge myself in this vision of Maleficent. I cast the beautiful Leonora for the role. She's so stunning and possesses so much natural beauty, it's insane. :D I was so lucky to have my two wonderful friends and assistants with me on the day. Having an assistant is always so great and a big help, but for shots including loads of smoke or throwing fabric into the air, they're absolutely essential. The levitation photo couldn't have been made with them <3

We also managed to get a little bit of footage on the day:

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