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"The Last Breath of Spring" & "Let Fire Rain Down On My Kingdom"

Model: Amanda Alicija

Assistant: Tenna V. Olesen

Photographer/Styling/MUA: Sabrina Nielsen

"The Last Breath of Spring"

"Let Fire Rain Down On My Kingdom"

I had the pleasure of working with Amanda again. I have been in such a good mood since my nymph shoots in the garden, honestly, itching to get out and shoot again right away, that when I saw Amanda post on facebook, asking if there were any photographers wanting to shoot with her that same week, I took my shot. I wrote her and said that I wouldn't be able to create a whole new costume, but we could throw something together. We settled on using these two sequin gowns that I had. And then I made a fresh flower crown and a lace crown.

I feel like these photos are different from my usual style in a way. Maybe it's just because I've been shooting these fantasy costumes for so long, that shooting something slightly closer to modern fashion feels out of character. Of course there's still a touch of fantasy in them though, hehe.

This time my wonderful assistant, Tenna, was there and I had brought along a tripod for the video camera - so there was a lot of filming behind the scenes. I ended up with more than an hour's worth of footage from this shoot. I've edited it down to this:

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