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The Swan

Innocence and purity

A classic ballet character brought to life with a photo shoot with model and dancer Amanda. B.. Photographed in May 2018

About a princess cursed to live like a swan every day, returning to her human form at night.

The Costume


The costume for this swan princess has several pieces. One part of the costume is designed to capture the swan in its stoic essence, and the other part is created to give the model the freedom to dance and move.

The costume consists of:

One tulle skirt with a feathered hem. Layers of white tulle and white tulle with crystals. 

One white silk bodice with lace appliqués and crystals.

One cape with a lace shoulder and neckpiece.

One swan corset: Corset made of Worbla, hand sculpted wings. Covered in white feathers and a large Swarovski crystal over the heart.

One feather and crystal headpiece.


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