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The Guardian 

of the Enchanted Garden

She is the protector of the Enchanted 

Realm and the Keeper of the Key. Enveloped in flowers and bathed in light, she glides through the Realm. 

As Autumn dances through the Enchanted Garden, the Guardian wraps herself in her cloak and goes to sleep through winter.

Photographed in October 2016 for "The Guardian of the Enchanted Garden" with the model, Luna Nikita.

Headpiece designer: Delorien Designs.

A mini film was also shot that same day with this character.

Photographed again in the Summer of 2017 with Ariellah E. S.

The Costume

This nymph costume was created with mermaid silhouette in a thick nude satin. It has a built-in hoop petticoat and multiple layers of tulle. 

The dress is covered in artificial flowers. They are strategically placed to wrap around the body.

These flowers are sewn and glued on and each flower has been spray painted with a light layer of white paint to dull the saturated colours a bit in order to create a more cohesive look.


The original costume also has a large white key prop. This was created using Worbla. And it also had a long heather purple cape in a tulle with crystals.

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