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The Elven Queen

"The First Light at Sea," was her name

In the Otherworld, the elves give life to the flowers and the fruit, that lure souls away from humans. The Elven Queen is Water to her garden and her voice echoes through the scent of the roses

Darkness spreads through this world and the Queen of Elves is not immune to the lure of evil. Waves of magic pulse through the garden as the Queen transforms and leaves part of herself behind.

Photographed in 2017 with Maria Amanda portraying this Elven Queen as the first instalment in this particular chapter of "The Soul Chronicles", "The Garden of the Elves".

The Costume

Iridescent organza and light blue soft tulle come together to create the water like gown for the Elven Queen, pre-transformation. The gown has a plunging neckline with two necklaces with Swarovski beads. Flowers picked from the Garden of the Elves are used as embellishment on the gown. The Queen wears a crescent shaped crown covered in flowers and translucent "insect" wings. These are made with acetate paper and iridescent film. 

The post-transformation Queen wears a simple empire waisted strap dress in a deep purple/blue shade. Minimalistic embellishment in the form of beading along the waistline. Over this dress, she wears a long robe with a high collar, reinforced with steel boning. This robe is covered in hundreds of flowers. The wig is styled in braided updo and strings of glass beads are draped over it.

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