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The Princess of the Evening Sun

She's born every evening as the sun dances across the sky in hues from pure gold to warm fire red.

In a vision of sparkling gold, she emerges in a castle garden. But one evening something is different. Eerie shivers of foreboding run down the spine of the Princess.
She knows her time has come. Creatures of darkness have found her, and they chase her through the castle grounds. But you can never outrun the shadows, when you only live in the light. 

You have to give your soul willingly. She sees no way out. Death or soulless living. Which would you choose?

Currents of magic ripple through the air as she releases her soul. The light that leaves her attracts the butterflies. 

The sound of their wings flapping is a lullaby. They carry her to sleep and to safety.

Without a soul, she must live in the shadows. Without a soul, she must never see the sun again. She will remain in the shadows, a statue forever asleep.

How was it made?

The Princess of the Evening Sun was created as part of The Light Creatures for The Soul Chronicles in 2016.

Her dress is made with a tulle bodice which has been embellished with 3D gold lace. The skirt is made with a gold and dusty purple floral jacquard fabric. The bodice and the sleeves have been further embellished with gold Swarovski crystals.

Countless hours have gone into making the two butterfly add-ons. Each butterfly is up of two hand cut paper butterflies which have then been glued together and the edges have been painted black. They’re mounted on transparent Worbla which has been molded to the shape of a body. One of the add-ons has a compartment with a battery driven LED light.

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