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The Princess of Night

Bound to the dark, longing for the light

Created for an exam in construction in the Summer of 2019. The assignment was to combine an ethnic inspiration from a previous course with the inspiration of a classmate/muse (Lyla). Photographed for "The Soul Chronicles" with Lisbeth B-S. 

A shroud of darkness hovers around this princess as she watches, with wistful eyes, the sun illuminating the Garden of the Elves. The Princess of Night, always roaming the shadows, swiftly she glides through the garden. Bound to the dark, a longing for the light burns within her.

But as a malicious force spreads through the Otherworld, the elves have a choice; Some turn to the light, some turn to the dark. While the Princess of Night yearns deeply for the light, she is bound to the dark and she must stand against the forces of good: The Centurion of the Garden of the Elves.

The Costume

Lady Nightshade, Princess of Night, Centurion of the Garden of the Elves

The bodice for this gown was created with a corset fitted to the muse. It has a high curved neckline and plunging back with ribbon lacing across it. The outer shell is embellished with a form of plush embroidery to create the illusions of feathers. Essentially frayed layers of silk are diagonally placed on the bodice. On top of that there is bead embroidery and Swarovski crystals. The gown also has off the shoulder tulle balloon sleeves.

The gown has a built-in hoop petticoat and about fifty metres of black tulle. Lastly there are ten metres of two-tone chiffon draped over the skirt. This concludes the gown for the exam.


As an add-on for this character, a soft armour was created using Italian cord quilting. The armour was created in black satin and embellished with glass beads and paper butterflies. The horned moon crown was created to complete the look.

(The final outer dress differs slightly from the flat drawing shown here).

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