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Naia, the Mermaid

Naia, a character featured heavily in the mermaid chapter of The Soul Chronicles.

She appears both in the photo installment (2017) as well as the short film “Heirs to the Sea” (2018). She is a mythical mermaid from the early days of the Otherworld. She and her kind were banished from the seas by the shadow creature. Naia asked the Queen of the Moon for her tail back and the power to reclaim her home. When she was turned away, she went into a well and into a deep sleep. Many, many years later she awoke. Having regained her long-lost powers, she also found the she possessed the Soul of the Sea within her. In “Heirs to the Sea”, Naia, joined by her kind, tries once again to bargain with the Queen of the Moon.

Portrayed by Nadja S. J. Photographed in Copenhagen, on Bornholm and in England.

the costume

In this case, "costumes"

The costumes for Naia include:

- One mesh bralette with rose gold lace appliqués

- One sequin/neoprene lining mermaid tail with silk and iridescent organza fins

- One mermaid bra embellished with lace, iridescent organza, flowers and Swarovski crystals

- One iridescent white gown, nude mesh bodice embellished with lace and beading, skirt made with layers of tulle and organza and a lace peplum

- One soft peach pink dress made with layers of iridescent organza and nude tulle with gold glitter dots. Ruffle details in iridescent organza and embellishment with Swarovski crystals

- One reversible ivory/gold taffeta robe

- One gold/ivory gown, made with a silk dupioni bodice in an empire silhouette, lace, tulle, gold beaded lace and Swarovski crystal embellishments

- One gold beaded head jewellery 

- Two mint green crowns with flowers, beads, seashells, lace and iridescent organza, both mounted on Worbla bases.

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