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Mother of Pearl

The Soul of the Sea

Created for a fashion show hosted at Copenhagen University College as part of the line-up for the Culture Night 2019. 

The assignment was to use “nature” as inspiration and to use the exhibition “Fashioned by Nature” as a starting off point. The final product had to include an embroidered and/or printed element.


Not only was this gown created for the fashion show, but it is also a part of the photo series “The Soul Chronicles”, due to be photographed on location in 2020. 

The gown is tailored to Nadja Jensen who also walked in the fashion show.

How was 
it made?

The Mother of Pearl gown is inspired by mother of pearl and bleached coral reefs. The bodice is constructed with a built-in corset that has a sculptural element of a pregnant belly. This is the pearl that is enveloped in a shell of metres of billowing, opalescent pastel hues. The skirt and the veil are made from hand painted silk; Habotai and pongé painted with Remazol dyes to mimic the organic asymmetry in mother of pearl patterns occurring in nature. 

The sleeves are made to represent corals and the scalloped shapes of seashells; Layered ruffles with a hint of iridescence. Finally, a bleached coral reef is embroidered on the bodice. This was done by adapting Italian cord quilting to Trapunto quilt. 

Pearl embellishment on the bodice and sleeves

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