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The Keeper of Starlight

The stars made her to keep their secrets

Born of starlight and old magic, she is the protector of light in a world of darkness – and as this darkness closes in around her, she holds her breath and her light diminishes. She knows she will never be safe from the creatures that hunt her.

As the Keeper of Starlight takes flight through the dark forest, the night sky wraps itself around her. She is captured by the dark creatures and she is pulled into shadow. They take her soul – and without it, The Keeper of Starlight falls through space and time to our world. In the dark night, her light fades as she takes her last breath and magic leaves her body to return to the stars from whence it came. 

Photographed in June and September 2016. The model is Nadja S. J.

The Costume

The costume for the Keeper of Starlight consists of:

A corseted off the shoulder bodice with puffed/Marie sleeves in tulle. The bodice is embellished with lace applications and Swarovski crystals.

One seven-hoop petticoat (from ebay). 

One organza and tulle petticoat.

One soft tulle overskirt with a lace peplum.

One midnight blue taffeta overdress/robe with a train of several metres.

One crystal tiara.

One ginger wig lengthened with extra wefts, styled in spiral curls.  

130 metres of fabric have gone into making this costume.


The gown was made in all white fabrics to symbolize the innocence and purity of this character as well as a kindship to the stars. The midnight blue overdress symbolizes the night sky – she pulls the sky around her for comfort.

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