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Crimson Witch

Under her spell

A witch makes her way through the forest, collecting ingredients for her potions. A storm hits and she seeks shelter in an abandoned cave. She finds a staircase in there and she follows it. It leads her to an enchanted pool where she is bathed in magic and light.


Photographed in March 2019 with the model, Nadja. 

The Costume

Created for a term exam in Construction December 2018.


The assignment was “Embroidery on stretch fabric” inspired by “Decay” and fitted to own measurements.

Drawing inspiration from Snow White and the Little Red Riding Hood, this red velvet dress was designed. It features and open hood and ruched sleeves as well as a full hi-lo skirt.

The embroidery was created using primarily flat stitches and beading. Three moths on broch pins were also designed and created. The idea behind it was a midnight garden.

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